B-Autoclave 3 L | SUPER COMPACT

Sterilize in 15 minutes!

3 liters autoclave with super fast sterilization times (15 minutes). Has a colour touch screen with a logical and clear menu. The Mini-autoclave is equipped with an internal printer and SD card for registration of the sterilization programs. This autoclave is the perfect choice for people who like a modern design and ease of use. Suitable for instruments of small to medium size.

B-Autoclaaf 3 L
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B-autoclave helps manufacturers in developing its autoclaves and ultrasonic cleaners.

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More Information
Class Class B steam sterilizer
User manual in English
Tank Capacity 3 Liter
Trays 2
Tray size 28 x 19 x 1,5 cm. (L x B x H)
Chamber size B 19,5 X H 8cm
Dimensions L 59,5 X B 28,6 X H 24,8cm
Registration of the sterilization programs USB and Printer
Program cylce time 15 minutes
Sterilization temperature 121ºC, 134ºC
Sterilising programs To sterilise instruments (packed and unpacked) and textiles
Test programs B&D, Vacuum test and Helix test
Mains supply 230V
Power consumption 1500 Watt
Weight 20 kg
Warranty 2 Year (Ask for the conditions)