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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
B-Autoclave Sense 8 L | CompactB-Autoclave Sense 8 L | Compact
B-Autoclave B-Autoclave Sense 8 L | Compact
3 trays for instruments 32 minutes sterilisation time Installation and explanation
Sale price€1.599,00
in stock
B-Autoclave Sense 12 L | CompactB-Autoclave Sense 12 L | Compact
B-Autoclave B-Autoclave Sense 12 L | Compact
✓ 3 trays for instruments✓ 36 minutes sterilisation time✓ Installation and explanation
Sale price€1.699,00
in stock
B-Autoclave Sense 18 LB-Autoclave Sense 18 L
B-Autoclave B-Autoclave Sense 18 L
✓ 5 trays for instruments✓ 40 minutes sterilisation time✓ Installation and explanation
Sale price€2.099,00
in stock
6 Liter Ultrasonic Cleaner Digital6 Liter Ultrasonic Cleaner Digital
6 L Ultrasonic Cleaner Analogue6 L Ultrasonic Cleaner Analogue
3 L Ultrasonic Cleaner Digital3 L Ultrasonic Cleaner Digital
3 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaner Analogue3 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaner Analogue
Water distiller
Accessories Water distiller
Sale price€99,50
in stock
Helix test device including 100 test stripsHelix test device including 100 test strips

The best autoclave for your piercing and tattoo shop

For use in tattoo shops we recommend our 18 litre Sense autoclaves. These autoclaves comply with the applicable guidelines. The Sense autoclaves have a built-in printer and USB connection. Given the size of the materials you need to sterilise, an 18 litre autoclave is usually sufficient. If you have limited space, the 12 litre autoclave from the Sense line is a suitable alternative. Do you have any questions or would you like advice? Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Everything you need for a hygienic piercing shop

Due to the quick and thorough sterilization of the instruments, an autoclave ensures you have sterile and hygienic tools in your piercing shop. At B-autoclave you will find not only the sterilizers, but also other supplies for a hygienic piercing shop. Think of an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning your instruments or laminate bags for your autoclave.

"B-autoclave has a top service: they deliver and install the autoclave for free. They also clearly explained how the steriliser works. Convenient that I can now sterilise all my instruments quickly and easily."

- Jim de Bruijn, owner piercing shop

What do you need to consider as a tattooist? 

The GGD has drawn up guidelines for tattoo shops to reduce the chance of transmitting diseases. It is important that you use the autoclave before you get a tattoo. The guidelines are as follows: 

  • clean instruments with an ultrasonic cleaner before sterilisation
  • all instruments that are reused must be sterilised
  • Sterile packaging, but opened? Then it must be re-sterilised
  • a VS or B autoclave must be used for sterilisation
  • Instruments should be packed in sterilisation bags.

Sterilisation for a hygienic piercing and tattoo shop

At B-autoclave you will find everything for a hygienic piercing and tattoo shop. Besides an autoclave for all your piercing and tattoo instruments, you will also find the best ultrasonic cleaners in our online shop. We also recommend using an ultrasonic cleaner before sterilising your instruments. Thus, your instruments are clean of dirt, blood and wound fluid and you can be sure that your instruments are sterilized properly. Besides autoclaves and ultrasonic cleaners, you can also find sterilisation bags, tests for autoclaves and water filters. So you have everything you need to meet the guidelines for a hygienic tattoo shop.

Reliable sterilisation of piercing instruments

The autoclave is the only officially approved means of sterilising piercing instruments yourself. It is not only a super-fast but also a very reliable way. The operation of the autoclave is fairly simple and is sometimes compared to a pressure cooker. The autoclave contains a certain amount of liquid and is then sealed airtight. The temperature in the autoclave is then raised for a while, causing the liquid to evaporate and the pressure in the autoclave to increase. Because the autoclave is airtight to a certain amount of pressure, it can become very hot. After the autoclaving process your piercing instruments are 100% sterile.

Ultrasonic cleaners for your tattoo shop

In addition to B autoclaves, we have ultrasonic cleaners for your tattoo shop. Before you can sterilize your instruments, they first have to be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. Such a device makes sure that the instruments are free of dirt, blood and wound fluid. It is also possible to do this by hand, but with an ultrasonic cleaner you are sure that also the most difficult accessible places of your instruments are completely clean.

"In my tattoo shop, I only work with products of the best quality. I am happy with the service-minded people at B-autoclave. They think quality is just as important as I do."

- John, tattoo parlour owner

Advice on sterilising piercing material

Sterilising piercing material is a job in itself. The National Centre for Hygiene and Safety gives the following advice when it comes to sterilising piercing instruments:

Only use an autoclave that is suitable for the instruments you want to sterilise. The manufacturer should indicate this. In general, simple hollow instruments can only be sterilised in US autoclaves or B autoclaves. In these autoclaves you can also sterilize solid instruments like forceps and pliers.

Only use an autoclave that dries the laminate packaging after the sterilisation process with the door closed.

Carry out regular maintenance on your autoclave, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Do this annually, or as often as the manufacturer prescribes.

Test regularly whether your autoclave is still working. Use a leak test for this. As a rule of thumb: if you use the machine daily, you should test its operation weekly. If you do not use the machine daily, test at least once a month.

Example of a test: You can test the air removal from hollow objects with a Helix test. This test determines whether the steam in your autoclave penetrates into the deepest areas of hollow instruments. Your autoclave is working properly when the indicator strip of the helix has changed colour sufficiently.

Contact the supplier if your autoclave seems to be working insufficiently.

With these tips, you can be sure that you are using your autoclave in a safe and responsible manner. Possible problems in the sterilisation process will be detected in an early stage and defects will be identified in time. At B-autoclave, we fully subscribe to these guidelines.

Why buy autoclave or ultrasonic cleaner from B-autoclave?

When you buy an autoclave or ultrasonic cleaner from B-autoclave, you are assured of the best service and the lowest price. We give you expert and personal advice and offer our products at the best prices! You get your autoclave delivered and we also give you detailed instructions so you can get started right away with your new autoclave. You can also opt for a maintenance subscription. Our experienced technicians provide annual maintenance for your autoclave. This ensures that your autoclave is in top condition every year! Our autoclaves are also suitable for piercing shops, dental practices, veterinary practices and more.

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