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We, at B-autoclaaf, offer different autoclaves of the highest quality for your practice. We do not only sell the sterilisers, we also add to their development. We offer you top quality products, that stand out in simplicity, operating convenience and purchase value. In addition, all our autoclaves are EN 13060 certified.

Contact us for personal advice. Feel free to call 0321 317 878 or send an e-mail to info@b-autoclave.com.

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  1. B-Autoclave 3 L | SUPER COMPACT
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  2. B-Autoclaaf Sense 8 L | COMPACT
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  3. B-Autoclaaf Sense 12 L | COMPACT
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  4. B-Autoclave Sense 12 L
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  5. B-Autoclave Sense 18 L
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  6. B-Autoclave Sense 23 L
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Ordering an autoclave from us is very easy. Choose one of our Sense autoclaves and order it online. As soon as we have received your order, we will set to work. We will deliver the class B autoclave to your home or your practice without charge. At the same time, we will take care of the installation and give instructions about the usage. If you wish for us to take care of the maintenance, then select one of our maintenance subscriptions.


For your practice

Veterinarian practice

Good hygiene is important when you have a veterinarian practice, for the animal as well as for the owner. It is not compulsory to have an autoclave in a veterinarian practice, but we do recommend it for cleaning of the instruments. More about veterinarian practices

Medical clinic

For a medical clinic, it is important that the instruments are sterile. In small practices, the 8 litre or the 12 litre Sense autoclave will suffice. If you have a large practice, then the 18 litre or the 23 litre Sense is a better option. More about medical clinic

Dental practice

For a dental practice, infection prevention is very important. View our page about autoclaves at a dental practice for more information about, for instance, the directives of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). More about dental practice

Pedicure practice

At a pedicure practice, you receive many customers and will make use of many different instruments. In order to retain hygiene, it is important to clean the instruments and to sterilise them. View our pedicure practice page for the guidelines of the Trades Council for Trades (HBA). More about pedicure practice

Podo practice

Prevent the spreading of diseases and infections by making use of a class B autoclave. Most practices use the 8 litre or the 12 litre Sense autoclaves. View our page podo practice for the guidelines with regard to the sterilisation. More about podo practice

Tattoo practice

In a tattoo shop, the instruments usually come in contact with the damaged skin. As such, it is important that you make use of an autoclave to sterilise the instruments and materials. This way you will ensure proper hygiene in your shop. View the page for the guidelines. More about tattoo shop

Other applications

The class B autoclaves can obviously also well be used for GP practices, dental hygienists, piercing shops and midwife practices.

Autoclave steriliser in operation

A autoclave sterilises the instruments used in your practice by means of steam. An autoclave is used predominantly for medical and industrial purposes. Our products are capable of sterilising fluids, massive materials and hollow instruments of different sizes. This makes them suitable for anyone. Before making use of the autoclave, it is important that the instruments are free from pollution. This is ensured by our ultrasonic cleaners. Subsequently, the autoclave does its job:

  • 1. The vacuum pump starts with the pre-vacuuming. This ensures all air to be removed from the sterilisation chamber.
  • 2. The autoclave fills up with hot steam.
  • 3. The high temperatures ensure increased pressure. This increased pressure prevents bacteria from being able to hide in possible air bubbles and won’t allow them to survive this process.
  • 4. Immediately after completion, the post-vacuuming program will extract all steam from the sterilisation chamber.

Different autoclave classes

Class B autoclave

At B-autoclaaf we offer the class B autoclaves only. This is the highest class. The devices are suitable for sterilising a high number of different instruments. Not only massive instruments, also hollow (un)packed instruments can be sterilised with a class B autoclave.

Class S autoclave

The class S is the medium class. The manufacturer will indicate which instruments the autoclave is intended for. In general, this device is suitable for packed massive instruments. In addition to the normal S class, there are manufacturers who produce Vacuum S class. The Vacuum S class will also sterilise packed hollow instruments.

Class N autoclave

The class N is the lowest class. These autoclaves are limitedly deployable. They are suitable only for unpacked massive instruments, for instance tweezers, scissors and tongs.

Why go for B-autoclaaf?

B-autoclaaf is a family-run business pur sang. We are an international supplier of top quality class B autoclaves, based in Dronten, the Netherlands. In addition to sales, we also contribute to the development of the autoclaves. As a result, you can buy products from us that stand out in terms of operating convenience, simplicity and price.

Other offers

In addition to autoclaves, B-autoclaaf sells cleaners and accessories. Using our assortment, you will improve the hygiene in your practice. View the other products of our assortment:



Would you like to get to know us or do you prefer personal advice? Then feel free to visit our location in Dronten. Of course, you can also make a phone call to 0321 317 878 or send an email to info@b-autoclave.com. We will be happy to serve you.