About B-autoclave

Pleasant, we are B-autoclave. An international supplier of top quality class B autoclaves. From our location in The Netherlands we have been selling our own brand B autoclaves throughout Europe for over 7 years. We also have a line of ultrasonic cleaners and all other accessories for use in your practice.

We are a Dutch product
B-autoclave helps manufacturers in developing its autoclaves and ultrasonic cleaners. Our motto? Sell top quality products that excel in their simplicity, ease of use and attractive purchase value. That makes us a truly Dutch company with typical Dutch characteristics.

Meet our employees
B-autoclave is a family business. We take our profession seriously and advise our customers. Good advice, surprising service and fair warranty conditions make us a beloved party with customers from Europe and beyond. That's why we master German, Dutch and English at a high level, so that we can always help you with questions or problems. And because we fully develop our autoclaves and ultrasonics ourselves, we know exactly how they work. This way we can also tell you everything about our products at a technical level.

Who are our customers?
Our customer base consists of dentists, general practitioners, pedicures and other specialists who sterilize instruments on a daily basis. They mainly choose us because they are then assured of attractive warranty conditions, the best service technicians and specialists who think along with them in detail. We speak the language of our customers and have extensive experience with the handling of freight and customs. Thanks to these years of experience, we can also tell you exactly which products you can best use within your area of application.

Easy online ordering, maintenance and service
With B-autoclave you can order your new autoclave easily online. In addition, you will find many more products in our webshop that you need while working with the autoclave. Once ordered, the autoclave is delivered by a courier, a clear manual and beautiful instructional videos provide great ease of use. But we are much more than just a webshop. We have our own technical staff and can take care of the maintenance, validation and repair of your autoclave. In short: with us you benefit from the convenience of ordering online and the service of a real family business!