B-Autoclave Sense 8 L | COMPACT

B-Autoclave Sense 8 L | COMPACT

  • Sterilization time 30 minutes including drying
  • Tray-afmetingen 25 x 12 x 1,5 cm. (L x B x H)
  • Stand-alone autoclaaf
  • Klasse B-stoomsterilisator
  • automatic drying for every load
  • 3 trays voor instrumenten
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The certainties of B-autoclave

  • Attractively priced and high quality
  • Products meet medical requirements
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty on autoclaves
  • Autoclaves are delivered free of charge
  • Advantageous maintenance subscriptions
  • More than 10 years of experience

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B-Autoclave Sense 8 L | COMPACT
B-Autoclave Sense 8 L | COMPACT
Regular price €1.499,00 Excl. VAT
Sale price

The Sense 8 liter Compact is added with a modern and practical design. It is a versatile Autoclave that has been performed with a timer. This makes it possible to start the sterilization process at any time. The menu is user -friendly and clear that it is easy to operate by using the tip keys. This B-Autoclave Sense with a capacity of 8 liters has an internal printer. In addition, there is a USB connection to register the sterilization programs.

Ideal for small and average format instruments

The 8-liter autoclave is paid to the capacity in particular for sterilizing small instruments and of an average size. The autoclave is equipped with an internal water tank. This makes it possible to sterilize instruments without a water supply being required to connect the autoclave. The 8 liter B-Autoclaven are suitable for use in Pedicure Practices , Piercing and Tattooshops , Eye clinics , Podotherapy Practices and Cosmetic clinics .


The B-Autoclave Sense 8 L is of excellent quality and we offer you it at an attractive price. You will also receive the autoclave on location as soon as possible. Read more about Delivery here.

Sku B-Autoclave Sense 8 L | Compact

A maintenance contract for your autoclave

A maintenance contract for your autoclave is essential to ensure the efficiency, safety and longevity of this important device. Autoclaves are crucial in various sectors, including medical facilities, laboratories and industrial applications, for sterilizing instruments and materials. Regular maintenance by qualified technicians ensures that your autoclave functions optimally and meets all legal and safety standards. 

Benefits of a maintenance contract

Reliability and safety

A properly maintained autoclave ensures that sterilization processes are effective and safe, which is crucial to prevent cross-contamination. This is essential for the safety of both patients and staff.

Cost reduction

Prevention is better than cure. Regular maintenance can detect and correct early signs of wear before they lead to costly repairs or replacement.   

Compliance with regulations

Autoclaves must comply with strict regulations. A maintenance contract ensures that your equipment always meets the latest health and safety standards. 


Regular maintenance ensures that your autoclave functions at optimal efficiency, leading to faster sterilization cycles and a longer lifespan for the device.

Available contract options

We offer flexible maintenance contracts for a period of 1 or 2 years. You can choose a monthly or annual payment plan, depending on what best suits your financial planning and cash flow management. Each contract includes an annual visit from one of our specialist technicians, who will carry out a thorough check and maintenance of your autoclave.

Certification of maintenance

After each maintenance visit you will receive a signed certificate of approval. This document confirms that your autoclave has been inspected and maintained to the highest standards and provides you with official proof of maintenance for inspections.

Outside size
5 X W 43 X H 36cm
2 years (ask for the conditions)
8 Litres
Boiler size
� 17cm 32cm
B Autoclave
Net weight
39 kg
Process registration
USB and Printer
Sterilization program
For sterilising instruments (packaged and unpackaged) and textiles
Sterilization time
32 minutes
Sterilization temperature
Power supply
Test programs
Vacuum test
Trays for placing instruments
Tray dimensions
5 cm. (L x W x H)
Extensive manual
English and German
1800 Watts

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