Warranty and repair

Warranty on autoclaves

At B-autoclave you have a 2 year factory guarantee on all our autoclaves, provided that you have them maintained by means of our maintenance subscription. Do you not let us carry out annual maintenance? Then unfortunately your warranty expires after 1 year.

What is covered by the guarantee?

If your autoclave is still under guarantee, we will solve malfunctions and other technical problems for you free of charge. We replace devices with rare factory defects with new ones. After the guarantee period, our service technicians can repair your devices at a very reasonable hourly rate.

What is a validation?

The validation of a Class B autoclave is a crucial procedure to ensure its proper operation and safety in medical and dental environments. The process involves a series of comprehensive tests that confirm that the autoclave meets all standards set by regulations. Proper documentation of all validation test results is also necessary for regulatory compliance and future reference.

Autoclave registration

Would you like to register your device for guarantee, repair or maintenance? Then please contact us as soon as possible via our contact page. Please include all your details in the E-mail (invoice number, name, address, postcode, town, telephone number).

Warranty on other equipment

Do you have a problem with your ultrasound or the accessories we provide? Then please contact us directly via our contact page to pass on your complaint. Please include all your details in the E-mail (invoice number, description of your complaint, name, address, postcode, town, telephone number). If your complaint proves to be justified, we will do everything in our power to offer you a suitable alternative or compensation as quickly as possible.

Own repair service

Technical problems are solved by our own service technicians. For smaller or generally known problems, this can often be done by telephone. In the Netherlands, the service technician can be with you within 24 hours in most cases and has all our autoclave parts at his disposal. Sometimes the repair will take more time. The mechanic will then take your autoclave to our workshop for repair. In these situations you will always receive a loan autoclave to bridge the gap.

Be safe, choose a maintenance subscription

A properly functioning autoclave is of great importance to your practice. A malfunctioning autoclave prevents you from continuing with your work and your practice suffers from this immediately. Therefore B-autoclaaf offers a service contract for your autoclave. The annual service ensures that any defects or wear and tear are spotted at an early stage. Moreover, professional maintenance extends the life span of your autoclave. Interested in a service contract? Ask for the prices and possibilities!