Midwife? Then sterilise with an autoclave!

An autoclave is indispensable in your midwifery practice. As a midwife, you have a great responsibility. You do not only take care of the mother, but also of the (unborn) child. It is therefore important that you can work hygienically and sterile in your practice. With a B-autoclave, also called the highest class steriliser, you can clean your instruments quickly, thoroughly and 100% sterile.

  • Top quality B autoclaves from € 1,499
  • Easy to operateSuitable for hollow instruments
  • Free delivery, including manual and instruction video
  • 2-year warranty on parts and labour costs
  • All autoclaves comply with the legal directives (EN 13060)


Materials for a hygienic midwifery practice

At B-autoclave, we provide personal advice on autoclaves so that you know which autoclave is most suitable for your midwifery practice. Besides sterilizers, you will find materials such as test strips, sterilization bags and ultrasonic cleaners: everything for a hygienic midwifery practice.

"I am very happy with the autoclave in my midwifery practice. I quickly and easily sterilize my equipment myself. Thanks for the great service!"

- Janine van de Watering, midwife


Autoclave for sterilisation of obstetric instruments

Not all autoclaves are suitable for sterilising packaged instruments. According to the Royal Dutch Organization of Midwives (KNOV), a midwife needs a type B autoclave. This type is suitable for all kinds of instruments, also for packed hollow instruments. It goes without saying that you will only find so-called B-autoclaves at B-autoclave. With us, you are assured of the highest class in the market.



Easy and quick cleaning

The instruments you use in the midwifery practice can be sterilised easily and quickly with an autoclave. But how does an autoclave work exactly? The sterilisation process consists of a number of steps. First the vacuum pump starts with a pre-vacuum programme. This makes the air disappear from the sterilisation chamber. The autoclave then fills the room with hot steam, which kills all bacteria. After sterilisation, the steam is removed from the room with an after-vacuum. The sterilisation process, also called autoclaving, is now complete and all instruments are completely sterile.



Why buy an autoclave at B-autoclave?

At B-autoclave you can easily and quickly buy an autoclave online. We give expert and personal advice and have the keenest prices. All our autoclaves are delivered and installed free of charge. We find it important that you work with the autoclave in the right way, so we give you an extensive explanation about the operation of the device after installation. Do you still have questions after installation or is maintenance needed? Then we are of course ready to help you!



Our service

Do you have a question about our autoclaves or the ordering process? Or would you like personal advice for your practice or clinic? We will be happy to assist you. Call +31 (0)321 317 878 or send an e-mail to info@b-autoclave.com


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