Which autoclave do I need?

Sterilizing instruments safely and efficiently? An autoclave according to DIN EN 13060 is a must for practices and clinics. Are you looking for an autoclave for your general practice, dental practice or other (medical) practice or clinic? B-autoclaaf has years of experience in the world of autoclaves. Not only in the field of sales, but also in terms of installation and advice, we relieve you completely. On this page you will find information about the different classes of autoclaves, making it easy to choose the most suitable model. Our specialists can advise you in our showroom, by phone or via video call.

Stand-alone autoclaves

Stand-alone autoclaves vs autoclaves with fixed water connection. With the stand-alone version, you remain location independent. Only a power supply is required. Installation effort is minimal because the water supply is provided by demineralized water, which can be easily filled in the storage tank in the autoclave. Devices with a fixed water connection are connected directly to the water inlet and outlet. Part of the tap water is treated with a water treatment system and used for steam sterilization. Another part is used for effective cooling of the vacuum pump. The installation costs and maintenance of this type of solution are high. This is why at B-autoclave we chose the easy-to-install Stand-alone autoclaves.

Different classes

Autoclaves come in many different types and sizes. In the autoclave world, the different types are indicated by means of classes. In short, there are 3 different classes of autoclaves:

  • B-class autoclave (the highest class)
  • S-class autoclave (the middle class)
  • N-class autoclave (the lowest class)
  • We sell only Class B autoclaves in accordance withDIN EN 13060.

B-class autoclave

The most advanced devices available on the market are Class B autoclaves: these autoclaves provide sterilization of all packaged and unpackaged medical devices, regardless of the type and complexity of the instruments to be sterilized. This process allows not only the sterilization of solid and porous products, but also of hollow instruments with narrow openings of class "critical B," such as surgical straight and angular handpieces and endoscopes. Textiles can also be safely sterilized using a class B autoclave

The fractionation of the vacuum is controlled using a standardized helix test body.

Service, repair and validation

You take care of your patients, we take care of your autoclave: our customer service team works together with our service technicians and solves even the most complex challenges for you in the shortest possible time. In this way, we provide honest, sustainable solutions for maintenance, repair and validation.

We offer maintenance contracts for annual or biannual maintenance. You can enter into these through our website.

Cleaning the boiler of the autoclave

Regularly cleaning the chamber of your autoclave is an important part of the instrument reprocessing process and contributes to the long-term protection of the device.

For optimal cleaning results and a long-lasting shine, clean the chamber once a week according to our instructions.

You will not only protect the chamber from long-term deposits and discoloration, but also remove contaminants invisible to the naked eye.

The autoclave should be turned off and cooled down before starting to clean the chamber.

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There is also plenty to choose from when it comes to only B-class autoclaves. For example, it is important that your autoclave has the right size, capacity and sufficient power. Are you curious about which of our B autoclaves best suits your needs?

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