Which ultrasonic cleaner do I need?

Are you looking for an ultrasonic cleaner but don't know which one is suitable? Ultrasonic cleaners are sold in different sizes based on liters. For example, you can buy a large 30-liter ultrasonic cleaner as well as a small ultrasonic cleaner of 3 liters. Which ultrasonic cleaner you need depends on a few factors. What will you use the ultrasonic bath for? Will you choose analog or digital controls? These are some factors to consider for a choice. 

At B-autoclave, all ultrasonic cleaners are CE marked and fully suitable for use in the medical sector. Our ultrasonic cleaners are therefore perfect for the cleaning of medical instruments.

Digital or analogue ultrasonic cleaner?

You will find analogue and digital ultrasonic devices in our range. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. A digital ultrasonic cleaner works very accurately. However, possible malfunctions may occur and a complicated operation is sometimes applicable. An analogue ultrasonic cleaner, on the other hand, is easy to operate and you don't have any malfunctions. There is little price difference between an analogue and a digital ultrasonic cleaner. The choice depends mainly on your goal. Do you really want to clean accurately? Then a digital ultrasonic cleaner is ideal. Do you use an ultrasonic cleaner in combination with an autoclave, for example? Then the accuracy is not necessarily needed and an analogue version will do as well. 

Power and frequency

The cleaning power of an ultrasonic cleaner is mainly determined by the ultrasonic power and the ultrasonic frequency. As a rule of thumb: the higher the power and the lower the frequency, the bigger the cleaning power of the device. At B-autoclave, all ultrasonic cleaners have a lot of power and therefore guarantee an exceptionally thorough cleaning.

A large or small ultrasonic cleaner? 

Previously mentioned are some factors that impact the size of the ultrasonic cleaner you need. A large 22-liter ultrasonic cleaner, for example, would be suitable for cleaning engine parts. But if you are a jeweler who wants to clean rings, a ultrasonic cleaner of 22l might again be too large. Again, this depends on how often you are going to use the ultrasonic cleaner and how many products you want to clean. This is also linked to the method of cleaning and has to do with how ultrasonic cleaning works. With an ultrasonic cleaner, you can clean in two ways: 

  1. Directly, directly into the ultrasonic cleaner liquid
  2. Indirect, in a glass cup a fine mesh basket

Suppose you are cleaning rings, you would think that a 1 or 2.5 liter ultrasonic cleaner would be enough. But actually, you need to change the liquid after each cleaning. This is because the dirt from the cleaned product is now in the liquid. By using the indirect method, you can clean several rings at the same time without contaminating your cleaning fluid. In this way, you can also choose to take a ultrasonic cleaner of 3 or 4 liters. Then you can clean even more products at the same time.

It also remains especially important to consider the size of the products you are cleaning. For cleaning small tools an ultrasonic cleaner 5 liters is sufficient, but if you are using larger instruments then you might want to choose a ultrasonic cleaner 10 liters. Is it not about cleaning instruments, but for example engine parts such as carburetors? Then look at ultrasonic cleaners 15 liters and larger.

Advantages of large ultrasonic cleaners

Of course, one of the most obvious advantages is that you can clean more at once. This is especially ideal for engine parts, for example. You can clean several carburettors or other parts in one go. In addition, large ultrasonic cleaners are ideal for separately shaped products that do not fit in a small ultrasonic cleaner. For example, instruments that are very long may not fit. A disadvantage of a large ultrasonic cleaner is that it naturally takes up more space and it also needs more cleaning fluid. Depending on which cleaning method you choose, you can spend a lot of money and time replacing the cleaning fluid. 

Advantages of small ultrasonic cleaners

A big advantage of a small ultrasonic cleaner is that they are quite compact. You can put them anywhere and they are versatile to use. Whether you want to clean jewelry or medical instruments it can be done for both. In addition, small ultrasonic cleaners are cheaper. Then again, the disadvantage of small ultrasonic cleaners is that not everything fits in them. Uncomfortably shaped products sometimes don't fit and you also can't clean a lot at once.

Ultrasonic cleaner from B-autoclave

Do you already know which ultrasonic cleaner you will buy? B-autoclaaf has the best ultrasonic cleaners at attractive prices! At B-autoclaaf we offer a standard 1 year warranty on all ultrasonic cleaners. The ultrasonic cleaners are particularly easy to connect and maintain yourself. Offering maintenance contracts is therefore not necessary for the ultrasonic cleaners. For autoclaves we do offer this service. Besides ultrasonic cleaners, we also have a wide range of autoclaves, ultrasonic basket rectangular, sterilization bags and sealing devices. Do you have questions about our products or still not sure which size or type is a good fit? Please feel free tocontact !