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Class B Autoclaves

5 products

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
B-Autoclave Sense 8 L | CompactB-Autoclave Sense 8 L | Compact
B-Autoclave B-Autoclave Sense 8 L | Compact
3 trays for instruments 32 minutes sterilisation time Installation and explanation
Sale price€1.599,00
immediately available
B-Autoclave Sense 12 L | CompactB-Autoclave Sense 12 L | Compact
B-Autoclave B-Autoclave Sense 12 L | Compact
✓ 3 trays for instruments✓ 36 minutes sterilisation time✓ Installation and explanation
Sale price€1.699,00
immediately available
B-Autoclave Sense 18 LB-Autoclave Sense 18 L
B-Autoclave B-Autoclave Sense 18 L
✓ 5 trays for instruments✓ 40 minutes sterilisation time✓ Installation and explanation
Sale price€2.099,00
immediately available
B-Autoclave Sense 23 LB-Autoclave Sense 23 L
B-Autoclave B-Autoclave Sense 23 L
✓ 5 trays for instruments✓ 48 minutes sterilisation time✓ Installation and explanation
Sale price€2.249,00
immediately available
B-Autoclave 3 L | SUPER COMPACTB-Autoclave 3 L | SUPER COMPACT
B-Autoclave B-Autoclave 3 L | SUPER COMPACT
✓ 2 trays for instruments✓ 15 minutes sterilisation time✓ Installation and explanation
Sale price€1.999,00
immediately available

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 2-year manufacturer's warranty combined with a maintenance subscription

Buying an autoclave online is easily done! Feel free to browse the wide range of B class autoclaves and other sterilizers. When you order an autoclave, we deliver it to your home or practice free of charge. Installation is easy and quick. So you can get started with your new autoclave right away. Would you like to leave the maintenance to us? You can with our maintenance subscription. Our specialized technicians will make sure your Class B autoclave stays in top condition!

Perhaps adjust this paragraph anyway so that it becomes a bit one size fits all. 

What is a Class B autoclave?

An autoclave is a device that sterilizes instruments with steam and is also called a steam sterilizer. In the web shop you will find only class B autoclaves. This is the highest class. The devices are suitable for sterilizing many types of instruments. Not only massive instruments, also hollow packed instruments can be sterilized with a class B autoclave. If you are going to sterilize packaged instruments, you have the choice of ready-to-use sterilization bags or sterilization paper on rolls.

What is the function of an autoclave?

An autoclave is a steam sterilizer with the function of sterilization. This can be used for a variety of purposes. Sterilization is important in some professions, think dentist or family doctor. Other practices such as tattoo and piercing shops or jewelry stores also need an autoclave. It is important to keep in mind that the function of an autoclave is sterilization and not cleaning. For that you are better off using an ultrasonic cleaner.

How does an autoclave work?

An autoclave sterilizes your instruments with steam. It ensures that the instruments are clean before use. For this, you use an ultrasonic cleaner, for example. The autoclave works as follows:

  1. The vacuum pump starts with the pre-vacuum process. This ensures that all air is removed from the sterilisation chamber.
  2. The autoclave fills with hot steam.
  3. The high temperatures result in an increase in pressure. As a result, bacteria cannot get trapped in any air bubbles and do not survive the process.
  4. Sobald dies geschehen ist, entfernt das Nachvakuumprogramm den gesamten Dampf aus der Sterilisationskammer.
  5. Your instruments are now clean and ready to be used again.

The duration of a round of sterilization with the autoclave varies. This is due to the temperature at which the autoclave is set. The lower the temperature, the longer the sterilization process takes. It is important to regularly check the operation of your autoclave for optimal results.

What types (classes) of autoclaves are there?

Are you going to buy an autoclave? Then it is useful to know what types there are before making a purchase. Do you see an autoclave type B for sale somewhere? Then this indicates a steriliser class B. Within autoclaves there are 3 different classes:

  • N-class autoclave (lowest class)
  • S-class autoclave (middle class)
  • B-class autoclave (highest class)

Depending on which class you choose, the autoclave price varies. Of course, a higher class is also more expensive. All autoclaves in the webshop are B class, the highest class.

Autoclave steriliser

An autoclave as a sterilizer is an indispensable addition to your practice. You promote hygiene significantly by using a B class autoclave. You will find everything you need for sterilization at B autoclave! To make sure your autoclave sterilizes properly, we also have a variety of autoclave tests. Do you have questions about our products or would you like some advice? Then feel free to contact us or check our knowledge base on autoclaves.

Difference between autoclave and sterilizer

You can use an autoclave as a sterilizer, but you cannot necessarily use a sterilizer as an autoclave. This has to do with how an autoclave works. This is because an autoclave differs from a sterilizer. A sterilizer uses only heat (dry) to sterilize. An autoclave uses steam, heat and a vacuum to sterilize. In a sterilizer, you can sterilize less versatile items. For example, it is not possible to sterilize hollow instruments in a sterilizer. 

What can I sterilize in an autoclave? 

An autoclave is versatile in its use. In many practices, autoclaves are required due to hygiene guidelines. This is because an autoclave is one of the most efficient and effective ways to sterilize instruments. You can sterilize various items in an autoclave such as medical instruments and dental instruments. Hollow instruments are also sterilized well. Other items you can sterilize in an autoclave are jewelry such as watches, earrings or piercings. 

In which industries are autoclaves used?

Autoclaves are used in many different industries. Autoclave sterilisation is effective and efficient, making it versatile.

Of course, our autoclaves are not limited to just these industries. Whatever you need sterilisation for, an autoclave can assist you.

What else can I use an autoclave for?

An autoclave is versatile. No matter what you want to sterilize, an autoclave is a great solution. Besides the industries mentioned, you can also use an autoclave for jewelry or piercings, for example. So even as a piercing shop or jeweler, an autoclave can be a great solution. Our autoclaves are also ideal for obstetric practices and dental hygienists.

How long does something remain sterile after autoclaving?

Objects and instruments sterilized and packed in laminate bags have a shelf life of 1 month. It is important that the packaging be undamaged and dry. You can increase the shelf life by storing the wrapped sterile items in a sealed container exclusively for sterile items. In this way, you can increase the shelf life to 6 months.

Does an autoclave have a water tank? 

All autoclaves from B-autoclave are equipped with a water tank. Therefore, you do not need to connect your autoclave to the water supply. This means you can easily install and use your autoclave. Do refill the water tank regularly. It is important that you use demineralized or distilled water in the autoclave for this purpose.

Autoclave maintenance

It is important to properly maintain your autoclave. For optimal operation of your autoclave, but also to meet the requirements of accreditation for your practice. An annual check-up is therefore advised. You can opt for a maintenance subscription with us. We provide an annual maintenance service with proof of maintenance and inspection. With this maintenance subscription you also get warranty on your autoclave.

In addition, be sure to perform regular autoclave tests. Consider a helix test or a Bowie & Dick test.

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