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Podiatric Practice

10 products

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
B-Autoclave Sense 8 L | CompactB-Autoclave Sense 8 L | Compact
B-Autoclave B-Autoclave Sense 8 L | Compact
3 trays for instruments 32 minutes sterilisation time Installation and explanation
Sale price€1.599,00
in stock
B-Autoclave Sense 12 L | CompactB-Autoclave Sense 12 L | Compact
B-Autoclave B-Autoclave Sense 12 L | Compact
✓ 3 trays for instruments✓ 36 minutes sterilisation time✓ Installation and explanation
Sale price€1.699,00
in stock
B-Autoclave Sense 18 LB-Autoclave Sense 18 L
B-Autoclave B-Autoclave Sense 18 L
✓ 5 trays for instruments✓ 40 minutes sterilisation time✓ Installation and explanation
Sale price€2.099,00
in stock
B-Autoclave Sense 23 LB-Autoclave Sense 23 L
B-Autoclave B-Autoclave Sense 23 L
✓ 5 trays for instruments✓ 48 minutes sterilisation time✓ Installation and explanation
Sale price€2.249,00
in stock
3 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaner Analogue3 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaner Analogue
6 L Ultrasonic Cleaner Analogue6 L Ultrasonic Cleaner Analogue
Autoclave - complete starting package
Helix test device including 100 test stripsHelix test device including 100 test strips
Water distiller
Accessories Water distiller
Sale price€99,50
in stock
Filters for water distiller (5 pieces)

What is an autoclave or steriliser?

Before we help you in your selection process, you might like to learn more about the function of a steriliser or autoclave. A steriliser or autoclave is actually nothing more than a closed pressure vessel that sterilises instruments by means of steam. The sterilisation process takes place in such a way that bacteria have no chance to survive the sterilisation process. This makes an autoclave an extremely reliable steriliser. In our shop you will find, as our name already suggests, only B autoclaves. A B autoclave belongs to the highest class in the market.

"The autoclave was installed immediately and we received a detailed explanation of its operation. The device works perfectly and I am very happy with the service."

- Johan van Den Berg, podiatrist

Which autoclave do you need as a podiatrist?

For most podiatrists, our Sense autoclaves of 12 liters compact and 12 liters in size are particularly well suited. Do you have a larger practice? Then the 18 liter Sense is a good alternative for you. If you find it difficult to make the right choice, we will be happy to provide you with free telephone advice.

Ultrasonic cleaner for podiatrists

If you are purchasing an autoclave, it is helpful to also purchase an ultrasonic cleaner. Before you sterilize your instruments, it is important that the instruments are properly cleaned. An ultrasonic cleaner uses ultrasonic vibrations to clean objects. It works quickly and effectively. B-autoclave has ultrasonic cleaners in different sizes and in both analog and digital versions.

An autoclave for a hygienic podiatry practice

The Dutch Podiatry Association (NVvP) has established certain hygiene guidelines for podiatric practices. With these guidelines, the transmission of diseases is minimised. The use of an autoclave in your podiatric practice is not mandatory. However, you must have an autoclave in order to receive the NVvP's Praktijkkeurmerk (practice seal). The NVvP gives the following advice when it comes to sterilising instruments used in your practice:

In an optimal situation you work with sterilised instruments

Steam sterilisation is the only suitable method of sterilisation

You can check whether the sterilisation process is successful or not by using seal bags. If the process has gone well, the indicator on the back of the seal bag will discolour. Has this indicator not discoloured after the sterilisation process? Then you must carry out the sterilisation process again.

Whether it's an autoclave or accessories such as sterilization bags; a little extra safety in your podiatry practice is indispensable. Not only does it show that you take your profession seriously, but it also prevents unpleasant situations. After all, you shouldn't think about being held liable for transmitting infections to your patients. In our online shop you will find everything you need for a hygienic podiatry practice. Take a look at our sterilization rolls, test strips and water filters, for example.

Why buy an ultrasonic cleaner or autoclave from B-autoclave?

B-autoclave offers the best service and the lowest price. You order your ultrasonic cleaner or autoclave and other supplies easily online and can pay in different ways. After completion of your order your autoclave will be delivered free of charge and neatly installed. You will also receive a detailed explanation on the operation and handling of your new autoclave. In addition to autoclaves for podiatry practices, we offer autoclaves for pedicure practices, medical clinics, dental practices and general practices, among others.

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