How long does sterilization take in an autoclave?

Sterilizing in a autoclave is a quick and efficient process to eliminate microorganisms. The steam and pressure cleaning method is suitable for sterilizing heat-resistant instruments, among other things. An autoclave is characterized by the steam being able to reach all surfaces. The steam is dry and saturated, with pressure and temperature being two important aspects. The efficiency of the process with saturated steam is determined by the duration and temperature of the sterilization process. How long the sterilization process takes depends on the type of B autoclave and the temperature. Typically, the sterilization time is 15, 32 or 38 minutes.

Time and temperature

The duration of sterilization of instruments, both packaged and unpackaged, as well as textiles depends on the sterilization temperature. The type of autoclave also plays a role. For example, a super-compact B autoclave 3 liters has a fast sterilization time of only 15 minutes. This is an autoclave with a fast program suitable for sterilizing small instruments. The sterilization temperature is 121 degrees Celsius or 134 degrees Celsius. One version of a B autoclave Sense 8 liters has a sterilization time 38 minutes and including drying time, the entire process is completed in 40 minutes. A compact B-autoclave Sense 12 liters can be set at 121 degrees Celsius or 134 degrees Celsius and has a sterilization time of 32 minutes. The general standard is that a packaged cycle takes longer than a non-packaged cycle which has a faster sterilization time.