How do I check the operation of my autoclave?

It is important to periodically check the functioning of the autoclave. This is in connection with ensuring that the sterilization process is certain about eliminating all living microorganisms. Pure steam is required to sterilize all instruments. For hollow instruments, it is important to remove all air from the steam sterilizer. Class B autoclaves are equipped with a pre- and post-vacuum with a drying program for this reason

Maintenance in conjunction with checking operation of autoclave

There are several factors that affect the process of steam sterilization. Therefore, periodic maintenance is important in conjunction with performing checks. Annual maintenance is minimally required, with sensor calibration being especially important. In addition, there are specific tests to assess the operation of the autoclave, such as a Helix test, Vacuum test or a B&D test.

Helix test

When using an autoclave, it is important to perform a Helix test every day before use and assess the vacuum capacity. The integrated test programs of the autoclaves can be used for this.