How do I check the operation of my ultrasonic cleaner?

Testing the performance of an ultrasonic cleaner is very easy with performing a film test. This test offers insight into the performance and quality of the ultrasonic cleaner. There are some elements of importance regarding the functioning of the ultrasonic cleaner, namely the power and intensity, as well as the cavitation distribution in the liquid. Using aluminum foil, the foil test provides insight into these properties and can be performed with a simple step-by-step plan.

Checking conditions of operation of ultrasonic cleaner

Passing the test to check the operation of the ultrasonic cleaner is subject to some conditions. A cleaning concentrate, such as from Stammopur or Tickopur, must be added to the liquid in the correct dosage. In addition to the addition of a cleaning concentrate, it is important to degas the liquid for at least ten minutes. Some supplies are required to perform the test, such as aluminum foil and a wire frame that fits into the ultrasonic tank.

Step-by-step film test:


  1. Stretch the cling film on the wire frame
  2. Place the wire frame with the film diagonally in the ultrasonic bath
  3. Turn on the ultrasonic cleaner without heating
  4. Turn the ultrasonic cleaner off again after one minute
  5. Remove the aluminum foil from the tank
  6. Pat the foil dry with some kitchen paper

Desired result

If the aluminum foil is perforated, the ultrasonic cleaner functions properly.