How can I degas ultrasonic liquid?

If you have an ultrasonic cleaner, you have probably heard that you need to degas it. But what does degassing ultrasonic fluid mean? And why is it important? You can read about it here!

What does ultrasonic fluid degassing mean?

It is literally removing gases from the liquid. The gases contained in the ultrasonic fluid can have a negative result on the cleaning process. During degassing, ultrasonic vibrations remove the gas bubbles from the liquid. Once the unwanted gases are removed, you can clean optimally.

How often and when should I degas ultrasonic fluid? 

The frequency of degassing depends on the ultrasonic cleaner. Are you using the bath a second time, after you have degassed all the ultrasonic fluid? Then you do not need to degas again. If you create a new ultrasonic bath, degassing is recommended. Also, if you add new ultrasonic fluid, degassing is recommended. The rule of thumb is: has the ultrasonic cleaning fluid been degassed before? If not, degassing is advised. If the fluid has been degassed before, it is not necessary.

Why do I need to degas ultrasonic fluid? 

As mentioned earlier, the gases in the cleaning fluid can have a negative impact on the cleaning process-and result. In the ultrasonic fluid, for example, there may be a lot of oxygen present. This can cause oxidation. By degassing the ultrasonic fluid, you avoid this risk.

How does degassing of ultrasonic cleaner fluid work? 

But how exactly to ultrasonic liquid degassing? The steps may differ between a digital and analog ultrasonic cleaner. A digital ultrasonic cleaner often has a "Degas" function. This makes degassing extra easy. With an analog version, however, this is not always the case. Fortunately, you can still degas liquids.

First of all, it is important that the ultrasonic cleaner is filled with ultrasonic liquid. When degassing, it is important that no object is present in the ultrasonic cleaner. Bring the ultrasonic cleaner to temperature while turning on the timer of the ultrasonic function. Let the ultrasonic bath degas for a few minutes before starting the cleaning process. 

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