Post-treatment ultrasonic cleaning: how and why?

When you clean objects you naturally want the best results. When you go ultrasonic cleaning it requires one more step. This is because it is not the case that the objects coming out of the ultrasonic cleaner are immediately ready for use. Proper post-treatment is important to achieve and maintain the optimal result. 

How do I ensure proper post-treatment during ultrasonic cleaning?

To begin, it is good to know exactly what post-treatment entails. Post-treatment involves two steps: 

  1. Rinsing the objects with running water
  2. Drying the objects

After ultrasonic cleaning, some of the ultrasonic fluid will still be present on the objects. This must be rinsed off properly. This can easily be done by holding the objects under running water. Make sure that you make sure that all the small corners are rinsed and if it involves hollow objects that you also rinse the inside well. After rinsing, it is important to dry the objects thoroughly. It is recommended to do this with compressed air. This ensures fast and effective drying. 

Why is post-treatment important in ultrasonic cleaning?

It is important because the ultrasonic liquid is a strong cleaning agent. If it is left on, it can cause oxidation on your items. That is precisely what you want to get rid of and then you remain in a vicious cleaning cycle. You can easily remove the oxidation by ultrasonic cleaning the object again. But of course, you don't want to just keep cleaning when you can also prevent the oxidation. It is important then that you make sure that the post-treatment steps are done properly.