What are alkaline cleaners?

Alkaline cleaners are cleaning agents that have a pH value from 7.1 to 14. Each type of liquid has a certain pH value as a unit of measurement to determine its acidity. The scale of pH ranges from 0 to 14. Alkaline cleaners can be used for degreasing cleaning, among other things. Ammonia, baking soda and soap are examples of alkaline cleaners and suitable for degreasing. The more that a liquid is alkaline the better its degreasing function.

What does alkaline mean? 

Alkaline means alkali-containing, and in the field of chemistry, alkaline is a synonym for alkaline. This is an aqueous solution that is alkaline or basic if its pH is above 7. Liquid with a pH of, say, 9 provides hydroxyl ions (OH-). This is a negatively charged OH -ion of water or anion. In pure water, the concentration of hydroxyl ions is small and as large as the hydrogen ions. In pure water, the liquid is neither acidic nor basic, but neutral. The addition to water of a substance containing H, such as NaOh in the case of sodium hydroxide or Ca(OH)2 in the case of calcium hydroxide, makes the liquid basic or alkaline.

pH values

The pH value is a unit of measurement for the acidity of aqueous solutions. The scale runs from 0 to 14. At a pH value of 0 to 6.9, the liquid is acidic. At a pH value of 7.0, the liquid is neutral. The liquid is alkaline at a pH of 7.1 to 14.

  • pH value 0-6.9: acidic
  • pH value 7: neutral
  • pH value 7.1 to 14: alkaline

What is an alkaline detergent? 

An alkaline detergent has a pH value of 7.1 to 14. The pH value of a detergent determines what type of cleaning the liquid is suitable for. A cleaning agent with a low pH, for example, can be used to remove rust and scale. For example, cleaning vinegar is an acidic cleaning agent. A cleaner with a high pH is suitable for removing grease. This type of detergent is also known as degreasing detergents.

What do you use alkaline cleaning fluids for?

Alkaline cleaning fluids include those suitable for ultrasonic cleaning. Special cleaning liquids are available that can be applied in an ultrasonic cleaner. The pH value of alkaline cleaning fluids ranges from slightly alkaline to strongly alkaline. Other situations to use alkaline cleaning fluids involve industrial cleaners for degreasing parts. In general, alkaline cleaners are suitable for removing oil, grease, resin, wax and proteins, among other things.