What all can I ultrasonic clean?

A ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for cleaning objects of rust, paint or other dirt. But what all can you ultrasonic clean? Actually, you can ultrasonic clean anything, as long as it fits in the ultrasonic cleaner. For example, you canultrasonic clean a watch as well as a carburetor. The possibilities are endless. 

What items can I ultrasonic clean? 

Objects you can ultrasonic clean include: 

  • medical instruments 
  • glasses
  • jewelry
  • carburetors

Also pay attention to which ultrasonic cleaner Important is that you choose the right size ultrasonic cleaner and the right ultrasonic fluid. This has to do with the material of the objects. Some ultrasonic fluids work better with a certain material. In addition, it is possible that and ultrasonic fluid itself can be harmful to a particular material. So read carefully the package inserts of the ultrasonic liquids. 

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