What is indirect ultrasonic cleaning and how do I do it?

When you go ultrasonic cleaning in a ultrasonic cleaner you have two ways of cleaning: direct and indirect. Both methods are effective and efficient. Which method you choose depends on what you are going to clean. 

What is indirect ultrasonic cleaning and how does it work?

Indirect ultrasonic cleaning is the same process as normal ultrasonic cleaning, only you use a glass cup to isolate the objects from the cleaning bath. This ensures that only the liquid in the glass cup gets dirty. Thus, you do not have to replace the cleaning fluid immediately after cleaning. You fill the ultrasonic cleaner as normal with ultrasonic fluid. This can be plain water or demineralized water, but for optimal results add an ultrasonic cleaner liquid. 

Note: Do not fill the ultrasonic cleaner with too much liquid. The glass cups will absorb some of the contents and this may cause the liquid to overflow. You also fill the cups with ultrasonic liquid and then follow the normal cleaning process of the ultrasonic cleaner.

When to choose indirect ultrasonic cleaning?

If you need to clean many small objects or instruments, it is more convenient to choose indirect cleaning. This allows you to place several glass cups in the ultrasonic cleaner and clean the objects individually. Are you working with a lot of fragile materials such as glass? Then indirect cleaning is also ideal. Make sure you have enough space in the ultrasonic cleaner to put multiple glass cups in, where they are not touching each other. It is important that they are surrounded by ultrasonic liquid and do not make contact with other cups. Look carefully at which ultrasonic cleaner you need to clean all your items effectively and efficiently.

What are the benefits of indirect ultrasonic cleaning? 

The biggest advantage of indirect ultrasonic cleaning is that it saves money. In indirect ultrasonic cleaning, actually only the part inside the glass cup gets really dirty. The rest of the fluid in the cleaner functions as a contact fluid and thus stays clean. Usually when you clean, you also need to replace your fluid because it has become dirty. If you want an effective cleaning every time, your liquid must also be clean. Another advantage is that indirect cleaning is safer for sensitive objects. This is because they are in a separate container, so there is no chance of objects tapping against each other.

Briefly, the benefits: 

  • Uses less ultrasonic fluid 
  • Money Saving
  • Safe for sensitive objects

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