When and how to change ultrasonic fluid?

It is possible to use ultrasonic cleaner several times in your ultrasonic cleaner. In this regard, the frequency depends on the degree of contamination. Moreover, it is important to filter the waste residues present in the ultrasonic bath after the cleaning process. After that, the ultrasonic cleaner can be reused for another cleaning.


Ultrasonic cleaner is a water-based liquid and is also biodegradable. The manufacturer's instructions dictate that strong acidic and alkaline liquids must first undergo a neutralization process.

Dispose of used liquids

It depends on the type of contamination whether potentially water-hazardous substances are released into the liquid during cleaning. For example, heavy metal compounds or oil. In this case, it is important to first purify the liquid with the ultrasonic cleaner liquid used if the limits have been exceeded. Another option is to dispose of liquid as special waste. 

Dispose of contaminated liquids

Manufacturers may not take back cleaning liquids and disinfectants that are contaminated after use, pursuant to the Environmental Management Act. When disposing of contaminated liquids, it is important to take into account the legal provisions and applicable regulations. It is always possible to contact environmental authorities or municipal sewerage companies to find out what provisions apply.

Ultrasonic cleaning agent replacement

After replacing ultrasonic cleaner, it is important to first degas the liquid for a period of at least ten minutes to optimize the cleaning process.