13 Litres Ultrasonic Cleaner Digital

13 Litres Ultrasonic Cleaner Digital

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13 Litres Ultrasonic Cleaner Digital
13 Litres Ultrasonic Cleaner Digital
Regular price €389,00 Excl. VAT
Sale price

The 13 Liter Ultrasonic Cleaner Digital has a high cleaning frequency of 40 kHz and heats up to a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. The sound waves ensure thorough cleaning without scratching. The device is CE marked and is suitable to meet applicable medical guidelines with the cleaning. In addition to the cleaning process of the professional 15 Liter Ultrasonic Cleaner Digital, it is possible to use one of our B-autoclaves. 

User-friendly and clear menu

The 13 liter digital Ultrasonic cleaner makes operation easy with its user-friendly menu. Six ultrasonic transducers are available and the unit features a 1-99 timer. The Ultrasonic cleaner is equipped with handles and features a drain. The handles make it easy to move the 15 gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner Digital.

Simple ordering process

It is very easy to order this 13 Liter Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner online. We provide an efficient and fast delivery process and shipment of the order.

This ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for veterinary practices, general practitioners' offices, piercing and tattoo shops, medical specialists and medical-, cosmetic -and hair clinics. See also our autoclaves for extra hygiene.

CE marking
Tank size
Tank volume in liters
13 L
1 - 99 minutes
External dimensions
Ultrasonic transducers
Ultrasonic power
360 Watt
Heating c
up to 80�C
Heating w
400 Watts
Operating frequency

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